A memorial headstone is designed to last forever but the environment and natural elements are constantly eroding and staining the original beauty of your monument!

Moss, Algae, and Lichens can slowly break down the natural finish of the stone as their tiny roots burrow into the microscopic pores of the headstone. Our cleaning and treatment process will remove all of these blemishes and kill down to the root.

Trimming and Edging the grass around your memorial will give it a neat & tidy appearance as well as protect it from grounds-keeping equipment and excess moisture.

Snow, Ice, and Freezing temperatures will gradually cause any small cracks or seams to widen and eventually deteriorate the structure of your monument.

Straightening and leveling of your headstone will help ensure that this priceless memory will endure forever!

Our yearly inspection and cleaning service starts at $59 so don’t delay, CALL TODAY!

  • Stain & Residue Removal
  • Moss & Algae Protection
  • Leveling & Straightening
  • Grass & Edge Cutting
  • Crack Repairing

Only $99 for full service cleaning, treatment, and edging!

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