A headstone needs gentle care at regular intervals to retain it’s beauty and stand the test of time. All stone is porous and therefore will absorb and be affected by any chemicals are used in the cleaning process. Soaps, abrasives, bleaching agents, pressure washing or power tools will erode the natural stone and will cause long term damage.
Our cleaning process is always safe & gentle, long-lasting & eco-friendly. Once we have gently cleaned the surface of the stone we will apply our proprietary solution which is PH neutral, non-ionic and will help protect the headstone from future mold and mildew.
Every step of our process is designed to help protect the memory of your loved one and to also protect the environment from harsh chemicals.
• Environmentally friendly
• No VOCs & Noncorrosive
• Biodegradable: Contains no bleach, acids or phosphates
• Near neutral pH level, proprietary blend of cationic surfactants
• Safely removes stains caused by algae, mold, mildew and fungus, prevents stains from returning
Only $99 for full service cleaning, treatment, and edging! (some discounts available)
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